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I had a chance to start my career in banking at Bank of Montreal, but quickly realized an untapped potential of an algorithmic approach to consumer lending. In 2015 founded Finlyt โ€” a company working on algorithmic installment and revolving credits. In 2016 Finlyt made a successful exit.

I was lucky enough to discover the Blockchain world very early, but it took me years before I fully recognized the real potential of Blue Ocean ecosystems. In 2017 I became CTO of Humaniq - a fintech company working on blockchain solutions creating a financial marketplace for emerging markets. Humaniq has been selected as a top pick in blockchain in 2018 by TechCrunch. It has also been selected as a top use case by the UK Parliament in APPG.

In 2018 became a senior partner at Investment Network Company (INC). INC helps startups and projects related to technology get access to venture capital. In 2019 I joined Jthereum as a Head of Product. Jthereum is a part of Ethereum Enterprise Alliance, and is working on enterprise Blockchain solutions. In early 2020 I was invited to serve as a mentor at WeWork Blockchain Lab responsible for tracking and mentoring startups in fintech, blockchain, and crypto spaces. In 2020 I was nominated as a technology leader of the year by TechXLR8. Later in 2020 I was invited on the Advisory Board of Stark Payments. Stark Payments provides digital currency payment processing solutions.

I'm currently building a DeFi neobank for the generation Z โ€” Mover. Mover is the easiest way to trade, store, send, and earn interest on your crypto in a simple wallet with a debit card.

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