I advise startups on setting up product and technical development processes.

I help hire and train technical managers, product developers and technical leads.

Blockchain consulting

  • 👉 PoC & MVP Builds. I help develop and implement full-stack software engineering with blockchain and smart contract implementation to build your project from the ground up.
  • 👉 Tokenization & Smart Contract Development. I help develop and implement proper penetration testing and auditing to facilitate blockchain and smart contract design, development and deployment to build your project from the ground up.
  • 👉 Tokenomics Development. I help design and develop the function of the entire token ecosystem for complex B2C, B2B abd B2B2C structures.

Technical Advising

  • 👉 Personal Educational Workshops. Through industry-specific case studies, I offer a comprehensive suite of education lectures tailored specifically to your product problem.
  • 👉 Strategy Consulting & Partnerships. I help your team uncover the opportunities for your business to strategically embrace emerging technologies and potential partnerships to ensure long-term adoption and success.
  • 👉 Implementation & Integration Services. After collaboratively establishing the product roadmap for your company, I work closely with your internal technology teams to integrate and implement technology standards into your existing processes.

Customer Development

  • 👉 Hypothesis Validation. I help your team define product hypothesis, set and define time and cost effective validation plan.
  • 👉 Customer Validation. I help to determine at an early stage the viability of the original concept, what needs to be improved, what has to be removed, or added.
  • 👉 Unit Ecomomics. I help to calculate and define direct revenues and costs associated with a particular business model, and macro economics specifically expressed on a per unit basis.

Global Capital

  • 👉 Capital Preparation. I help you structure roadshows and to build relationships with VCs, institutional funds, family offices and accredited investors.
  • 👉 Meetings with Investors. I organize one-on-one meetings with investors on your behalf as well as investor events and dinners that bring together a substantial amount of capital from groups who are looking to deploy.
  • 👉 Fundraising help. I will support your fundraise efforts, through investor communications, roadshows, events and conferences.